Fire Damage Restoration Services in Athens, GA

Fire damage inside your home or business, whether large or small, is extremely disruptive. After the fire department leaves, what do you do with what’s left? The fire damage restoration process of returning your home and belongings back to normal can be complicated. ServiceMaster of Athens is here to simplify that process and ensure your life is returned to normal in the quickest possible method.

Our Fire Restoration Process

ServiceMaster of Athens begins the fire restoration process by securing your home or business immediately. After carefully inspecting the property, we work with your insurance adjuster to assess the damage to the structure and determine an accurate scope of the needed repairs. Our technicians begin to work on structural damage to the property while other teams start the long process of cleaning and removing smoke odor and soot. ServiceMaster of Athens also removes water from extinguishing efforts and provides mold remediation if necessary.

ServiceMaster Of Athens Knows Fire Damage Cleanup

ServiceMaster of Athens brings a wealth of essential knowledge needed for restoring your home or business after fire and smoke damage. Returning your home or business to pre-fire conditions is our number one goal. Our knowledgeable technicians are extensively trained in the intricate process of cleaning and restoring a fire or water damaged structure.

Our Technicians Know:

When a pack out is necessary

What Materials Will Clean vs. What Needs To Be Removed

How To Properly Clean Certain Materials/Items

The Right Products & Equipment To Do The Job Correctly

Soot and Smoke Damage to HVAC Units

Ashes, smoke, and other airborne particulates can travel throughout the home and settles into your HVAC units. This will clog internal mechanical workings causing motors to run harder, increased utility bills and shortening the lifespan of the unit. Another key concern is ensuring your home’s occupants are not breathing contaminated air full of smoke odor and pollutants. ServiceMaster of Athens has the knowledge and expertise to handle the deodorization, cleaning, and pack out/in of your home’s contents and structure.

Disaster Restoration Specialists

ServiceMaster of Athens has years of experience handling residential and commercial fire and water damage restoration claims with insurance companies or working with homeowners directly. We can navigate the process all the way through to ensure peace of mind and get you back to life before the fire!