Construction Cleaning & Dust Control in Athens, GA

Athens, GA’s Post Construction Cleanup Company

ServiceMaster of Athens has years of experience in construction site clean up and dust prevention. Our detailed cleaning process is designed to ensure your new construction or renovation project is finished off with a final clean. Combine these construction cleanup services with our pre-construction dust travel prevention system for the best results.

construction cleanup services

Quality Cleaning Professionals

Our advanced cleaning solutions and methods ensure every surface of your space is professionally cleaned in no time. Our post-construction cleaning services include wall cleaning, floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning, window cleaning, and much more. Our top of the line products and years of experience in construction cleanup means your property will be completely clean ASAP.

Business Remodeling Mess?

ServiceMaster of Athens understands that our commercial clients are striving to grow their businesses. Remodeling your offices can come with the headache of closing, or partially closing customer-facing operations. A large concern for property managers and building owners is to keep the facility looking immaculate, even in the midst of construction.

Commercial Construction Clean Up

Regardless of what’s happening within the building, if it looks messy and haphazard, your clients’ impressions of your business could suffer. Save yourself time and money by leaving the construction cleanup and dust control to the professionals at ServiceMaster of Athens, Northeast GA’s expert cleaning company.

Residential Remodeling Dust Control And Final Clean

We stand with our residential clients to help keep their home running smoothing with post-construction cleaning services. Nothing is worse than being SO CLOSE to using that brand new kitchen – but every surface is covered with a fine coat of dust. Our trusted technicians will work with your contracts to ensure the work area is thoroughly cleaned as soon as work completes.

Residential Construction Cleanup Services in Athens, GA

The professionals at ServiceMaster of Athens ensure that dust doesn’t spread throughout your home. And when it is all said and done our team of experts will complete the final clean to set you off on the right track. Take control of your project and let us help you finish it up.

ServiceMaster Of Athens Knows Service

Our expert team is highly trained and detail-oriented. ServiceMaster of Athens’ trusted technicians ensure every surface in your construction work area is deep cleaned and dust-free. Finish your project off right with our comprehensive pre and post-construction cleaning services.

Our Construction Cleanup Services Can Include:


Cleaning Fixtures

Cleaning And Sanitizing Surfaces

Clean Walls


Carpet Cleaning

Clean Interior Of Windows

Cleaning Of Hard Surfaced Flooring

Cleaning Ducts

Changing Air Filters

Clarke County’s Professional Cleaning Company

The expert ServiceMaster of Athens team is experienced in deep cleanings throughout Clarke County and the surrounding areas. Construction Project cleanup jobs require a high level of detailing to ensure the complete removal of harmful dust particles. This includes changing the air filters and cleaning the air ducts completely.

Hazardous Construction Dust

ServiceMaster of Athens provides pre-construction and post-construction dust prevention services. This combination ensures hazardous particles are completely removed from your property. Dust particles have the potential to cause lung and heart health problems. They can also irritate the eyes, throat, and skin.

Construction Dust Containment Walls

Our team can erect containment for homeowners and contractors for any type of interior repair, renovation, or new construction project. This involves partitioning off portions of the home or commercial property. Containing the construction dust to the worksite keeps most of the particles away from the rest of the building.